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Artwork Specifications

Once you have decided on a Promotional product the next step is to figure out how to embellish that item with your Corporate Brand or Logo. This can be a very confusing task as there are many applications that can be used based on the product and the required end result; we have listed and explained several options under “Logo" tab.

In most cases the product you are trying to brand will have specifications and limitations – depending on the item; what the product is from a pen to a jacket determines how and where the logo can be applied; however, often times there will be choices.

Whether your logo is required in a “vector’ format(.eps or .ai), the first step is to obtain the proper artwork, most commonly your graphic artist or printer will have a version of your logo that can be converted for Promotional Product imprinting. Should you not have access to your logo in an electronic format we can help, we have a team that will convert your logo into a usable format usually within 24 hours.

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