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Benefits of Promotional Products

Keeping your Corporate name/logo with your clients is of utmost importance in every business. The longevity of “promotional products” makes a difference, results vary from item to item, a good pen can stay with a client for a long time – whereas a gift box of chocolates may not last the same length of time – however, your message of gratitude will. On our website we have “Research” which reflects the results of studies from both the USA and Canada, on what and how long promotions will last with customer.

There are various methods, products and reasons to utilize promotional products. The maze of what product to use for what purpose can be very difficult to cut through – we can assist with that task with creative ideas for just the right outcome.

Outlined below are a few key differences in products or gifts that your company can use and why.

Specialty Advertising: a promotional message placed on a useful item and given with no obligation.

Premiums: give a useful item with some strings attached, example, buy a book, get a free bookmark.

Incentives: a promotional product is a premium when it is offered as an incentive to produce a specific action. Example – reach a sales target and get a free vacation (incentive travel programs, sales incentives).

Rewards: promotional products signifying performance.

Business Gifts: items given by businesses to employees, customers, suppliers and other important stakeholders.

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